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Why should you purchase a used car?


Why should you purchase a used car?

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is trying to pinch their pennies. When you need to replace your car, buying a used car near you is one of the best ways to make every dollar count. Valencia Auto Center offers an unrivaled inventory of dependable used cars in Santa Clarita. Whether you're looking for a used minivan or an SUV for sale, we boast a huge selection of safe and reliable cars. Before you rush over to our Santa Clarita used car dealer to start shopping, let's learn more about the advantages of buying a used car. With Valencia Auto Center here to help, you're sure to find the perfect used car for sale for your needs and budget.

What is the advantage of buying a used car?

  • You'll save money. Obviously, used cars in Santa Clarita are less expensive than brand new cars. If you're shopping for used cars near you on a slim budget, consider choosing an older version of your favorite model. You can trim down the purchase price by several thousand dollars just by opting for a used car!

  • It's a better investment. New cars start to depreciate immediately upon purchase. Over the first few years, they'll lose value at the fastest rate - sometimes over 60% in just five years! When you shop at our used car dealership near you, you can find vehicles that have already depreciated. 

  • Spend less on insurance. It's a little-known fact that used cars in Santa Clarita are less costly to insure than new cars. When your insurer determines your premium, the cost to replace the vehicle is a significant factor. It's much less expensive to replace a used car for sale, so you can look forward to lower insurance expenses!

  • You can still enjoy warranty coverage. Some of our used cars near you remain under the original manufacturer warranty. Valencia Auto Center also offers an impressive selection of certified cars at our used car dealership near you. These used cars have been vetted by their manufacturer for additional warranty benefits.

  • You can drive a better car for less money. If you can only afford the standard-trim SUV for sale of your dreams, don't despair. Check out your options for the same model, from a few years back. The features and amenities of a high-trim vehicle don't carry as much value in a used car. The high-trim model of your dreams could be within your budget if you buy it as a used car near you.

  • There are simply more options. You won't be confined to choosing from the current model year. With models and trims being added and removed from lineups each year, you'll find infinite options at our Santa Clarita used car dealer.


When you're ready to explore our used cars for sale in Santa Clarita, Valencia Auto Center is here to help. Stop by our showroom whenever you're ready to get the ball rolling on a fantastic used car!


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