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Veterans Day - Thank You For Your Service

Veterans Day

Veterans Day is an important time to remember those who risked their lives to defend the freedom of others. The dealerships and their employees in the Valencia Auto Center honor you and thank you for your service.

Interestingly, there exists a conflict with the holiday that involves grammar and spelling. Today, many people spell the holiday as “Veterans' Day,” but the official government-approved spelling is “Veterans Day.“ The explanation given is that the adjectival spelling instead of the possessive-case spelling shows that the holiday is about honoring veterans rather than a day that belongs to them. Learn more at //

Many people observe Veterans Day by flying the U.S. flag or enjoying cook outs with friends and family. Some donate to veterans' causes and show appreciation to veterans they meet. For veterans, it’s a great day to don their uniforms proudly.
Here’s three other ideas on what to do in the U.S. on Veterans Day are:

1. Attend or watch on television the Veterans Day commemoration at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, VA. You can watch the wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. You may also wish to respectfully walk through a local military cemetery.

2. Attend any number of local parades and activities throughout Southern California. More Info Here

3. Spend the day, or part of it, volunteering at a local VA hospital or even just chatting with veterans who are patients there. Many VAs will have special lunches on Veterans Day for the veterans, and they welcome volunteers to help prepare the meal.
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