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Tips for Tires in High Temps

Temperatures are rising this weekend in the Santa Clarita Valley with triple digits forecasted through Wednesday.
As hot as it is for people and pets, it’s even hotter for your vehicle’s tires. On a 90-degree day, surface temperatures on asphalt can easily exceed 150-degrees.

Expect tire blowouts to be on the rise and road gators—the treads of failed tires—lining the roadways. But you can reduce the risk by following some simple maintenance tips:

1. Check the inflation pressure in each tire (and the spare) when the tires are cold or have sat more than three hours. Optimally, the tire pressure should be checked in the morning before the tire has been run, before the ambient temperature rises during the day, and before the tire is exposed to direct sunlight.

2. Inflate the tires to the recommended setting outlined on the tire information placard found on the driver's door jamb and/or the vehicle owner's manual.

3. Check the tires monthly. Tires will typically lose up to 1 psi per month, and pressure increases/drops about 1 psi for every 10-degree rise/drop in air temperature.

4. Buy a good tire gauge. It's also a good idea to buy a portable compressor that works off of your car's power outlet. These are available in many auto parts stores.

5. Tires also lose air to common punctures, so if you find you're always adding air to one particular tire, it might have a slow leak. Have it checked out at a service garage or one of the dealerships in the Valencia Auto Center.

Stay cool and safe driving!

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