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Drive the Electric Ford of Your Dreams: New & Pre-Owned Inventory at Valencia Auto Center


Are you a Valencia, CA driver looking to cruise the streets in a stylish and sustainable way? Look no further than Valencia Auto Center, your one-stop shop for all things Ford electric cars! We offer an unparalleled selection of new and pre-owned Ford electric vehicles, making us the premier destination for eco-conscious drivers seeking the perfect Ford electric car.

Valencia is a haven for drivers who want to embrace a greener future. With its abundance of sunshine and commitment to clean energy initiatives, Valencia provides the ideal environment to experience the benefits of electric car ownership. Here's why a Ford electric car is the perfect choice for you:

  • Reduced Emissions for a Cleaner California: Unlike gasoline-powered vehicles, Ford electric cars produce zero tailpipe emissions. This significantly reduces your impact on air quality and contributes to a cleaner environment for everyone.

  • Cost-Effective Efficiency: Ford electric cars boast superior fuel efficiency, saving you money on running costs. Say goodbye to rising gas prices! By charging your car at home or at Valencia's many charging stations, you'll enjoy a smooth, quiet ride while saving on fuel.

  • State and Local Incentives: The state of California and the city of Valencia offer attractive incentives for electric car ownership, including tax credits, rebates, and access to carpool lanes. These incentives make electric cars even more affordable and advantageous.

Valencia Auto Center isn't just any Ford dealership; we're the electric car experts in Valencia, CA. Here's what sets us apart:

  • Extensive Selection of Ford Electric Cars: We carry a wide variety of new and pre-owned Ford electric vehicles, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs and budget.

  • Dedicated Team of Electric Vehicle Experts: Our knowledgeable staff is passionate about electric cars and can answer all your questions. They'll help you understand the benefits of electric car ownership and guide you towards the ideal Ford electric car for you.

  • Seamless Shopping Experience: We offer a stress-free car buying experience, from browsing our online inventory to taking a test drive and finalizing your purchase.

Visit Valencia Auto Center today and discover the electric Ford of your dreams! We're confident you'll love the thrill of electric driving and the environmental benefits that come with it. Stop by our showroom or browse our online selection to see why Valencia Auto Center is the premier destination for Valencia drivers seeking Ford electric cars.


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