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See How Valencia Auto Center is Involved in Santa Clarita, CA

Pre-Owned Sales Event

In the market for a new car or truck? Check out this weekend’s Pre-Owned Sales Event

All the dealerships in the Valencia Auto Center are clearing out inventories this weekend, Aug. 27 - 28. There’s a large selection of pre-owned vehicles -- thousands in stock.

As Southern California’s Largest Auto Center, the Valencia Auto Center has 24 brands to choose from in new and pre-owned vehicles. Don’t miss out!

You’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Check out the inventory Here!

Back to School Safety Reminders for Drivers

Slow Down, Be Aware, and Drive Safe.

Children throughout the Santa Clarita Valley are returning to school. Many students will be walking, biking or taking the bus. It's never more important for drivers to slow down and pay attention than when kids are present – especially before and after school.

The California Highway Patrol reminds us that we all share in the responsibility to ensure the safety of one another; however, when children are involved, there is a higher duty to be vigilant. 

All drivers should slow down and obey all speed limits in areas where they are likely to find people walking and bicycling, such as near bus stops, schools, parks and playgrounds. Avoid distractions and be prepared to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks (marked or unmarked). 

Drivers need to remember the pertinent laws regarding schools and school buses:

  • Speed limits are 25 mph within 1,000 feet of a school when children are present.
  • The flashing yellow lights on a school bus warn you to slow down and prepare to stop.

  • When the flashing red lights are illuminated, you must stop from EITHER direction on undivided highways, until all children have safely crossed and the red lights are turned off. A violation of this law can result in a $1,000 fine and your driver license may be suspended for up to one year.

As a final reminder, the California Highway Patrol urges drivers to exercise great care and extreme caution when traveling within school zones.

As a final reminder, the California Highway Patrol urges drivers to exercise great care and extreme caution when traveling within school zones. For more information, visit

The Unthinkable: Forgetting a Child or Pet in a Vehicle

Waze Releases New Safety Feature Reminding Drivers Not to Forget Their Loved One in The Car

The popular navigation app Waze that has users ‘outsmarting traffic, together’ can now add ‘saving lives, together’ to its repertoire.

With a surge in the number of children and pets dying in hot cars, Waze last week launched a 'child reminder' feature. Simply, this new safety feature reminds users not to forget their child, pet or other loved ones in the car before getting out. However, the alert will only appear if a driver has entered a destination in Waze and has arrived at that destination.

The new feature comes amid concerns over recent child hot car deaths. Sadly, nearly 40 children and hundreds of pets die of heat stroke from being left in a hot car each year.

'Just as drivers sometimes forget to turn off their headlights, they sometimes forget things in the car too,' Waze's Head of Brand Julie Mossler told ABC News. 'This new feature helps keep people present in the vehicle and gives them an important, possibly life-saving reminder that drivers sometimes need.'

Like Waze's other safety features, 'child reminder' is opt-in. The alert can be turned on and off in the app's general settings. Drivers can customize the alert to include their child's or pet's name.


Practicing Vehicle Safety

Proper vehicle use safety rules for preventing wildfires

As the community begins to catch its collective breath following the devastating Sand Fire that raged in the Santa Clarita Valley from July 22 until Aug. 3, 2016, it is unescapable that wildfires are a real and dangerous threat year round.

Did you know? Motorists are responsible for many of the wildfires sparked along our roadways. Nearly all these fire starts could be prevented by following these safety rules:

  • Practice safe towing. Dragging chains throw sparks. Use appropriate safety pins and hitch ball to secure chains.

  • Make sure your vehicle is properly maintained with nothing dragging on the ground.

  • Maintain proper tire pressure. Driving on exposed wheel rims will throw sparks.
  • Carry a fire extinguisher in your vehicle and learn how to use it.
  • Don’t drive your vehicle onto dry grass or brush. Hot exhaust pipes and mufflers can start fires that you won’t even see until it’s too late!

  • Brakes worn too thin may cause metal to metal contact, which can cause a spark.

Whether camping, working around the home or driving on the roadway, there are things that every citizen can do to prevent wildfires. The California Wildland Fire Coordinating Group features helpful information in their “One Less Spark | One Less Wildfire” campaign. For more information and preventative measures, visit

Thank you to our Firefighters!

Over the dry, hot, windy triple-digit weekend, a fire erupted into a raging inferno known as the Sand Fire in the adjacent hills separating the Santa Clarita Valley from neighboring San Fernando Valley. So far it has consumed more than 35,000 acres destroying 18 homes in its path with one fatality. Had it not been for the heroic efforts of our firefighters, the toll would have been far greater and almost unimaginable.

It is with great pride and profound gratitude that the auto dealers of the Valencia Auto Center offer our thanks, appreciation and unwavering support to all first responders.

Photo credit: Los Angeles County Fire Department Camp 9
Sand Fire: July 22, 2016 and continuing

Tips for Tires in High Temps

The forecast calls for hot weather with some humidity this weekend in the Santa Clarita Valley, with temps rising to triple digits by next week. As hot as it is for people and pets, imagine how high temperatures affect your vehicle’s tires. On a 90-degree day, surface temperatures on asphalt can easily exceed 150-degrees!

With all that heat, you’ll likely notice an increase in road gators—the treads of failed tires—that line the shoulders of roadways. Expect tire blowouts to be on the rise. But you can reduce the risk by following some simple maintenance tips:

1. Check the inflation pressure in each tire (and the spare) when the tires are cold or have sat more than three hours. Optimally, the tire pressure should be checked in the morning before the tire has been run, before the ambient temperature rises during the day, and before the tire is exposed to direct sunlight.

2. Inflate the tires to the recommended setting outlined on the tire information placard found on the driver's door jamb and/or the vehicle owner's manual.

3. Check the tires monthly. Tires will typically lose up to 1 psi per month, and pressure increases/drops about 1 psi for every 10-degree rise/drop in air temperature.

4. Buy a good tire gauge. It's also a good idea to buy a portable compressor that works off of your car's power outlet; these are available in many auto parts stores.

5. Tires also lose air to common punctures, so if you find you're always adding air to one particular tire, it might have a slow leak. Have it checked out at a service garage or one of the dealerships in the Valencia Auto Center.

Stay cool and safe driving!


Concerts in the Park

Shopping within the City limits provides family time at the park and fun at free concerts.

Santa Clarita's Concerts In The Park, Central Park, Santa Clarita, returns July 9th and runs thru August 27th. Check out this summer’s schedule by Clicking Here.

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Safety Town

The Valencia Auto Center is proud to be a sponsor in the Santa Clarita Optimist Foundation’s Safety Town- Santa Clarita camp July 11 – 15 and July 18 – 22, 2016.

Safety Town is a miniature city built to the scale of a small child that will be assembled within a secured playground at North Park Elementary School, with traffic lights, street and stop signs, striped walkways, crosswalks, and streets.

Through repetitive, interactive instructional play, children learn and practice essential safety skills they will use in their everyday lives – at home and at school.

During “Town Time” children learn how to safely cross the street and how to obey traffic signals while walking and while driving miniature cars, complete with safety belts. Videos, craft projects, songs, and games reinforced the safe conduct rules the children have learned.

Each camp is a five-day (4 hours per day) safety education and awareness program for children ages 4 ½ to 6 years of age (Pre-K, TK, Kindergarten) in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Click Here for more information.

4th of July Parade

Valencia Auto Center is a proud sponsor of the Santa Clarita Fourth of July Parade. Parade starts at 9 a.m. on Monday, July 4. This year’s theme is “Volunteering Makes Us Stronger” and Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell will serve as Grand Marshal. Visit the parade’s website for route information and parade line-up.

Click Here to View the 2016 Parade Lineup

Happy Fourth of July from the auto dealers of the Valencia Auto Center.
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